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Hi ,we are Tony and Clare we are African Cichlid breeder's.

We want to provide the UK with quality, robust and hardy fish which
you can watch and admire for years.
we are based in the seaside town of Bridlington, East Yorkshire 
and have been keeping and breeding Malawi Cichlids for much 
of our adult lives. 

If you can make the trip to Bridlington personally you will be 
able to see the many Malawi Cichlids for sale for yourself.

We currently have 100+ tanks of stock and specialise in breeding 
Aulonocara (Peacocks) and produce some of our own selectively 
bred red peacocks including "firefish", "eureka" and "OB fire's". 
We also breed many other species of cichlid from both Lake 
Malawi and Lake Victoria.

You can either come over to view the stock in person or buy 
online by clicking the shop button. 
I can arrange overnight courier delivery on all my stock for 
only £15 per order.

Most of my fish can be seen in the shop pages, where all the 
images can be enlarged by clicking on them.
There is also a video gallery showing many of the fish we have 
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