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Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi Eureka Colour Select Line Bred - COLOURED SEXED PAIR -10-12cm/4-5" BACK IN STOCK



Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi Eureka Colour Select Line Bred - COLOURED SEXED PAIR -10-12cm/4-5" BACK IN STOCK Summary

A fantastic species. Line bred and selective bred by us. This is to keep the colour and quality consistent over the generations of breeding. Bred in UK water to give you robust fish.

Fantastic to grace any Malawi tank. Line bred peacocks seem to settle in fantastically in any Malawi tank.

You will receive 1 male and 1 female.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
eureka - craig bell - 04/20/2015
Great fish fantastic colouring and great size. You will not be disappointed in you fish whatever you choose thanks

5 product stars
eureka red - kieran - 03/20/2012
WOW...stunning fish he is a spitting image of the one in the video thankyou tony will be buying again soon

5 product stars
Eureka Red - Edwin - 11/29/2015
Amazing colours straight out if the bag. Getting more and more colour by the day and the finnage is fantastic!

5 product stars
Stunning - Steve Varah - 03/24/2013
Would recommend Tony and his fish all day long! The fish are stunning

5 product stars
fish order - sy - 06/20/2013
recieved our order absolutely stunning fish as usual,we will be looking to place another order really soon .great fish and fab service ,thank you

5 product stars
Quality - James Smith - 02/14/2012
I purchased some of these fish a while ago and the quality and size of all the fish was fantastic and will definitely be calling again for some more and would recommend him to all my friends

5 product stars
Jacob eureka - Joe Thomson - 11/22/2014
Another great delivery and service fish looking stunning as usual will be making another order in the not to distant future . Many Thanks

5 product stars
Star of the show - Jim Grant - 05/31/2013
I thought i had a lovely selection of colourful cichlids until i bought a pair of these which makes everything else in the take colourless lol, lovely specimens thanks Tony, look forward to my next order

5 product stars
Absolutely stunning - Mike - 08/03/2015
Extremely impressed, fish ordered late Thursday night arrived 8am Saturday. The quality, colour and size of these fish are first class 10/10.

5 product stars
Excellent - Chris L - 01/15/2016
This fish arrived in excellent condition , Same as they look in the photo is how they look in my tank, I bought 2 pairs and had the added benifit that one of the females had spit 9 babies, would recomend

5 product stars
Stunning - Kieran - 11/27/2012
Just got another pair of these the male is out of this world Thankyou

5 product stars
aulonocara eureka - jim dundee scotland - jim patterson( dundee) - 11/03/2013
really nice fish.great colour and quality!long way for fish to travel,but arrived safe and in good condition.Have settled in well and bred already-amazing!.well done tony&clare .great service as well.thank you

5 product stars
auloncara eureka - CHRISTINE ROBSON - 08/23/2013
lovely fish they have now mated and the female is holding,very pleased with our purchase.moori dolphins also holding,we will be back in the not to distant future,thankyou for some top class fish and all the advise you gave us. regards christine and allan.

5 product stars
Amazing fish - Carl - 01/13/2016
So much colour and as last review says the finnage is amazing I don't buy fish from anywhere else I've had I think it's 4 orders off Tony not one dead on arrival oh and did I mention size is very generous never smaller then what it says thanks Tony

5 product stars
super - rob - 04/25/2012
the 1st fish ive purchased from tony well impressed had them about a month now and looks like babies are on there way cant wait to buy a few more fish from you thanks

5 product stars
jacob - daniel malone - 06/14/2014
Amazing fish excellent colouring beat around... Looks great in my tank

5 product stars
Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi Eureka - simon - 02/06/2013
my first fish from tony and all i can say is if you think the pics and video of them are great you should see them for real, to say these fish are stunning is an understatement

5 product stars
Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi Eureka - andy - 05/28/2015
thanks tony, perfect. all delivered on time.

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