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Aulonocara Firefish " ICE " UK Line Bred - COLOURED PAIR 8-10cm BACK IN STOCK



Aulonocara Firefish " ICE " UK Line Bred - COLOURED PAIR 8-10cm BACK IN STOCK Summary

You will receive 1 SEXED PAIR of Aulonocara firefish "ICE ". The pair will be 8-10cm in size.females smaller

These fish are a line bred Malawi.

These fish are from the firefish breeding but have retained some of the ice blue body colour that will stay ice blue ,a great variation for something a little different in your tank .
These fish are unique in appearance, some have more fire than ice and visa versa. 

The colour spectrum for these fish are a pinky red through to a deep blood red.

The images on this listing show the different variations of these fish. There are many variations and you can have multiple firefish ice and not one will look the same. A fine addition to a Malawi aquarium.

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Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Beautiful fish - Carl - 02/02/2016
These are amazing can't wait till thy are back in stock well coloured you won't find ones like these anywhere else thanks Tony will order again soon

5 product stars
Firefish Ice - Edwin - 11/29/2015
Fantastic colours on the male, female is a stunning salmon colour. They've only been in the tank for 3 days and the female is holding already! Quality and beauty!

5 product stars
Aulonocara Firefish ICE - andy - 05/28/2015
can't wait for the orange to turn red. stunning fish even at this size. thanks again.

5 product stars
Aulonocara Firefish " ICE " - simon - 02/06/2013
absolutely stunning would recomend to anyone who wants to add some colour to there tank

5 product stars
beautiful - charley - 11/03/2013
thats it simple beauty

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