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4 x Pseudotropheus Ndumbi Super Red Top T.A.C 3-4cm, starting to colour



4 x Pseudotropheus Ndumbi Super Red Top T.A.C 3-4cm, starting to colour Summary

These are selectively bred by us over 4 generations for their colour and vitality. We have worked very hard with these fish from the endemic "Ndumbi" red tops that have a lot less red/orange than the fish which you will receive and see in this video.   We chose to develop these fish to be more pleasing to the eye in your aquarium, as the red that these fish show is hard to find. 
You will receive 4 fish, we will try our best to send you 2 male and 2 female but due to their size, this is not 100% possible.

These are a smaller Mbuna and have a striking look to them. The males when in full colour have a beautiful ice blue hue to them with a deep red blaze. We are very proud of how far we have come with our selective breeding.


Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Amazing little stunners! - Edwin - 12/31/2015
Beautiful colours already and that at this size! Fantastic quality as always from Tony! Can't recommend him enough!

5 product stars
red top ndumbi - Richard Love - 07/03/2013
I bought 4 of these and they arrived this morning, very well packed (the heat pack was still warm) the fish are stunning and exactly how described. I will be buying again asap

5 product stars
Amazing as always - Daniel - 02/19/2013
Thank you for the great looking fish, really well packed and delivered extreemly quickly I'm still shocked at how quick they came. I ordered 10 fish in total and they all look great, brilliant color and really healthy. Great size also. Amazing service all round I shall be makeing another order very soon. I never write reviews but I have to let everyone know how great the fish and service are. Thank you Tony

5 product stars
fantastic colour at such a size - Jake prior - 04/30/2014
One of the males is full colour already only been in the tank a few hours great fish

5 product stars
Ndumbi red tops - Ryan Westby - 09/06/2013
Brilliant looking cichlids , simply stunning Many thanks

5 product stars
AWESOME - Anand Passap - 01/03/2013
Received my order and as expected....awesome colour for size.

5 product stars
thanks - paul melville - 06/01/2012
looking forward to seeing these grow up.the parents look stunning

5 product stars
Good lookers! - Mark Bradley - 04/01/2014
Tremendous Mbuna - real 'lookers' in the tank with their colour system!

5 product stars
Amazing Colour - Danny - 07/13/2012
As the title says! Lovely brightly coloured fish A service. Tony is hard to beat!

5 product stars
Great colour! - Rob - 04/02/2014
I received a group of these today and the males are colouring up already..... really vibrant red along the top of the head that is a great contrast to the usual Mbuna blues and yellows.

5 product stars
super red tops - Joe - 12/14/2013
glad of your advice tony these are just stunning fish just showing the colour great addition to my tank thanks again

5 product stars
Stunning males. - Simon - 04/25/2012
Once again Tony your fish are really doing you proud, the standard is so high. These fish were bigger than I thought and you gave me a great mix of males and females they are going to be so happy in the tank. Deliverd when expected, great service.

5 product stars
Super red top - James Dore - 04/30/2014
Amazing fish coloured up in a day

5 product stars
Stunning Fish! - Alex Seymour - 02/20/2013
The males of these fish are just amazing and a good size too! Cant fault.

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