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4 x Aulonocara blue neon Hai Reef 4-5cm/1.5-2" BACK IN STOCK



4 x Aulonocara blue neon Hai Reef 4-5cm/1.5-2" BACK IN STOCK Summary

You will receive 4 fish. They will be 4cm in size and uncoloured.

These fish are breathtaking when mature and well worth the wait. When established dominance is achieved their colours will come through readily.

We try our best to send 2 males and 2 females. Due to their size and age we can not guarantee this.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
pure quality - Dexter - 01/22/2014
You just can't beat these!! The quality you receive is unbelievable the juvies colours are already blooming with rich yellows and blues, there ace will be ordering more from Tony for sure!!!

5 product stars
Great fish. - Mike - 03/24/2014
Brilliant quality of fish, what else can i say. 2 of the males are truly magnificent which grow and colour by the day. I just wish i bought 4 more to get a 1:7 ratio of males to females. I hesitated before buying these fish online but i had no reason to, they came well packed, with a supprising amount of space/water for each fish. Really happy and would definitely order from again.

3 product stars
1 female out of 32 fish..... Dodgy. - Mike again - 08/13/2014
Its strange reading the post with all female fish and its either a huge coincidence or theres purpose behind it. All my fish were males except one and i bought 32 overall. Its either Tony selects the fish so you cant compete/breed these fish or he pairs them up and theres no females left. Its more than annoying as without females the fish that i paid 200 for are USELESS. All i wanted was a peaceful tank with 4-5 females and a male but instead im 200bean down and left with a tank full of males.. BUY PAIRS. The first 16, i chose the most striking male and 2 i thought were female and moved the rest for store credit elsewhere.. Then ordered another 16 and got males again, says it all.

3 product stars
Shame I got all female - Adam - 06/01/2014
Bought these in January this year, turned out all are female so defeated the point when I have no male. No complaints on shipping though, would just love to have a male.

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