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Pseudotropheus acei Yellow Tail - COLOURED SEXED PAIR - 7-8cm



Pseudotropheus acei Yellow Tail - COLOURED SEXED PAIR - 7-8cm Summary

The photos are of siblings of the fish you are buying.

You will receive 1 male and 1 female.

They are not a rock dwelling mbuna like most, they spend most of their time in open water taking up the middle and the top of the water column of the tank. They love to shoal together so do look like an amazing addition to your aquariu.


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5 product stars
ACEI YELLOW TAIL - S.BUX - 11/23/2014
They very peaceful and beautiful, yellow tail with blue body stands out.I would give five star.

5 product stars
my faves - ryan - 07/07/2014
Fave mbuna in my aquarium, as tony says not so much rock dwellers so gives the top of your tank a bit of movement and gorgeous colour

5 product stars
5 Star - Ryan Evans - 01/27/2012
Thanks again Tony. Sorry for adding these to the order at the last minute, Im very happy with them, they seem to be such peaceful, bright beautiful fish. They have settled right in, and as usual - service is second to none!

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